“The Timbaland of A Cappella.”Mickey Rapkin, GQ Magazine, “Pitch Perfect A Cappella”
“dio is a f*cking champ.”Deke Sharon, TotalVocal, CASA, House Jacks
“Dave and Joseph’s work is consistently stellar.”Julia Hoffman, CASA President
“dio has an uncanny knack for hip hop.”Christopher Diaz, Mouth Off!
“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: ‘dio is a production genius.”Joshua Diamant, RARB.org
“Dave is more than a producer. He is a musical genius, a level-headed and honest sounding board, and an exceptionally talented sound engineer. I would not work with anyone else.”Georgia Hoyler, Duke Out of the Blue
“After 10 years of working together, I’ll choose diovoce every time.”Dave Baumgartner, Almost Recess
“The attentive production is some of the best I have ever heard.Jonathan Minkoff, RARB.org
“Working with Dave Sperandio was inspiring.”Maxine Shavrasky, ICCA
“A wonderfully nuanced touch on the production.”Jevan Soo, RARB.org
“Like a vocal orgasm that makes me scream with delight and ecstasy.”Valerie Kolko, RARB.org
“Spot-on musical instincts.”Matt Emery, Duke Rhythm & Blue
“Tight, clean, crisp sound.”Elie Landau, RARB.org