TransitOver the last decade, we’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of artists, all over the world.  From internationally known mainstream artists to up-and-coming breakout stars, we’ve worked with many of the world’s most talented vocal and a cappella recording artists.

Here’s a sampling of artists we’ve worked with:

Scholastic Professional
Boston University Allegrettos Ben Folds
Briarcrest OneVoice Rockapella
Brown Ursa Minors A Cappella Records
Brown University Brown Derbies Six 13
Clark University Clark Bars transit
Clemson Impulse Vocal Line
Clemson TakeNote Almost Recess
Clemson Tigeroar Static Flow
Colby College Meglomaniacs High Street
Colorado U Extreme Measures Anoop Desai
Colorado U Buffoons Brendan James
Cornell Chordials Mouth Off!
Cornell Hangovers Ball in the House
Cornell Last Call Joseph Bates
Cornell Touchtones Dave Baumgartner
CUA Takenote Paul Tate
Dartmouth Aires Soul Influence
Davidson Androgyny Varsity Vocals
Davidson Generals CASA
Duke Lady Blue Eric Chung
Duke Out Of The Blue Dave Sperandio
Duke Pitchforks The Richter Scales
Duke Rhythm & Blue Duwende
Duke Something Borrowed Harambee
Duke Speak of the Devil Micappella
Elizabethtown Melica Dana Salah
Elizabethtown Vocalign Edie Wellman
Elon Sweet Signatures Overboard
Elon Twisted Measure Cartoon Johnny
Emory Aural Pleasure baSix
FSU Acabelles Vox Pop
FSU All Night Yahtzee Remix
GaTech Sympathetic Vibrations Euphonism
Harvard Veritones The Chromatics
JHU Octopodes Elements of Sound
JMU Bluestones Johnathan Minkoff
JMU Madison Project The Red States
Men in Drag Ren Pier
MIT Chorallaries Emerald City Productions
NCSU Grains of Time Overboard Productions
Northwestern U Freshman 15
Northwestern U Undertones
Notre Dame Halftime
Oregon On The Rocks
Oxford Out Of The Blue
Queens College Tizmoret
Richmond Chouer du Roi
Richmond Octaves
Richmond Sirens
RIT 8 Beat Measure
RPI Rusty Pipes
The A Cappella Group
Tulane THEM
U Chicago Voices In Your Head
U of Illinois No Comment
U of Illinois Rip Chords
U of Illinois The Other Guys
U of Maryland Kol Sasson
U of Maryland Rak Shalom
U Michigan Dicks & Janes
U Minnesota 7 Days
UCLA Bruin Harmony
UCLA Random Voices
UCLA Signature
UF No Southern Accent
UGA Accidentals
UGA Noteworthy
UMD Faux Paz
UMD PandemonIUM
UMD Treblemakers
UNC Achordants
UNC Clef Hangers
UNC Loreleis
UNC Tar Heel Voices
UNL Bathtub Dogs
UPenn Penny Loafers
USC Trojan Men
UT Ransom Notes
UVA Hullabahoos
UVA Sil’hooettes
VaTech Juxtaposition
Wake Forest Chi Rho
Wake Forest Minor Variation
Wake Forest Plead the Fifth
Washington U Greenleafs
Washington U Mosaic Whispers
Wellesley Blue Notes
Yale Mixed Co
Yale Spizzwinks
Yale Whiffenpoofs