Live Sound

It’s time to feel like a rock star at your next concert.

5648_137018024602_126765669602_3467906_4337533_nHave you ever wanted your live shows to sound as well-produced as your albums? With live sound provided by diovoce and Sled Dog Studios, you can do just that. We can add ground-shaking bass, varied ambience, and an assortment of special effects to your live sound, enabling you to take your show to a truly professional level that will showcase your performance at it’s very best.

With a wealth of experience running sound for contemporary a cappella concerts of all types, we know what makes vocals pop, and we can provide a dynamic, engaging mix which will keep your audience in awe. And after hearing your set through our system, your fans will want to take a (recorded) piece of you home with them.

diovoce and Sled Dog Studios have secured the very best equipment available to provide you with a top quality, professional show. Using our state of the art Avid VENUE system, 15,000 watt front-of-house line array, 7,000 watt monitoring system, and crystal clear Shure UHF Wireless, putting your best performance forward becomes “easy” – just like it should be.

Avid VENUE Live Sound Mixing System

Don’t leave your live show’s sound to chance. Contact us today.