Ben Folds & Dave SperandioAbout rates: comparing prices is an expected part of the process of selecting any service provider. But using an hourly rate as your only benchmark for cost/quality can be misleading; many studios offer lower rates but may take longer to achieve similar results, at best.

Our recommendation: use your ears first when selecting a producer or studio. Find out what you like – and don’t like – and then do your homework on the studio and processes behind both.

Once you know what you’re looking for: determine what your maximum budget is, and try to work with your preferred studio to make sure the two sides of this equation are balanced. Tip: this is half of what a good producer can do for you.

Our rates (as of 9/1/11): depending on the timeframe, engineer, and services requested, our hourly ($USD) rates range from:

Recording (onsite) – $45-$110/hour
Recording (in studio) $55-$110/hour
Editing – $45-$85/hour
Mixing – $45-$110/hour
Mastering – $120/hour

We can usually work with most budgets, and have great relationships with other producers who often can collaborate with us at a more affordable rate. Unfortunately we can’t offer “specials” or discounts. Again, try to find a sound you like first, and let that guide your decision.

Payment: we require a minimum of 50% of estimated services to be paid up front in order to secure dates, with the balance due in full before the project is released. Clients may pay using Bank Transfer, Check, Credit Card, Paypal, or Gold.

Fund-Raising: we can help you reach your goals, affordably. Need help with fund-raising? We’ve helped scores of groups meet their budget goals with creative fund raising initiatives, and we’ve developed several effective techniques to help artists raise thousands of dollars. Please inquire.

If you want to create the best possible product, professionally, at a fair price, and have fun doing it, please contact us.